Jason Gumbley Drum Tuition
Professional 1 on 1 drum lessons
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What Services can I provide?
I can teach you a variety of skills and techniques on the drum kit and you can choose how you want to learn. I am flexible with learning styles and want to help you become a well rounded musician.
I can:
  • Teach you how to be technical
  • Teach you how to be musical
  • Teach you how to read Music
  • teach you how to learn songs by ear
  • Teach you how to perform as a drummer
  • Teach you how to use your practice time effectively
  • Give you listening material
  • Introduce you to new areas of music you might not know about
  • Teach you about some of the greatest drummers of all time and thier playing
  • Teach you the Rockschool grades
  • Introduce you to other aspiring musicians
  • work with your prefered learning style

​Who can learn the drums?
Anyone! It's my strong belife that anyone can learn any intrument as long as they are commited and take the time to practice. It doesnt matter if you're interested in the technical stuff or just want to make some noise!

  •  1 Hour - £25
  •  1/2 Hour - £12.5
  •  First lesson FREE!
Rockschool have 8 grades altogether (not including the debut grade) each one offering 12 different pieces in different genres of music and technical exercises. For me it was the best way to progress in learning the drums and it helped me understand how to be musical and play to the music as well as being technical. I would recommend it to any drumming student. Grades 6, 7 and 8 each offer UCAS points with completion which is a huge benefit for students in college or school.